We are a group of 4 students of Automatics and Robotics from AGH University in Krakow, Poland, participating in the Drop Your Thesis! program organized by ESA. We have studied together already for 4 years and want to join forces together this year to work on an interesting project connecting our field of studies and personal interests. We have a concept for the experiment that could provide valuable outcome for a space debris problem.


In the last few years many ideas originated to construct servicing satellites able to repair or refuel other spacecrafts on the orbit. To make an approach to such an object it is at first required to predict its behaviour properly. In case if the satellite is damaged, it may rotate freely in an uncontrolled manner due to some fuel leaks or broken parts inside. Our idea is to observe the desirable spacecraft with a system of cameras and propose a method that finds out physical parameters of the object required to make a safe approach. By participating in the Drop Your Thesis! campaign organized by European Space Agency we want to conduct our own research in that topic and bring fresh, new ideas. After having done several brainstorms, simulations and experiments we have a concept how to use their facilities in order to validate our methods. The other key element of the project is to raise awareness around the society about the problems existing in space that need to be overcome.


If you would like to support us in carrying out the experiment, please contact us via email or using the form below: